Seminars & Retreats

Julie has a particular interest in leading seminars and retreats. They are an opportunity for reflection, exploration, inspiration, and connection; with one’s inner life, with other participants, and with the Divine. Recent retreat topics:

Finding Hope in Daunting Times
Hope may be our greatest need in this dark time, its viability our greatest question. In a world of unrelenting violence and war, riddled with savage inequalities, the threats to hope are legion. But the capacity to hope is also deeply ingrained in us. Even in crisis it can sustain us in our living. We will explore the nature of hope in human life, and our own patterns of losing and finding hope again.

Finding Regular Rhythms of Renewal
“In our fast paced, 24/7 culture it is easy to lose regular rhythms of rest and renewal.  While many of us struggle to carve out pockets of time to pause, to center ourselves, and to savor life’s gifts, even a little sip of wonder is still wonder; even a few hours can be a sabbath.

More retreat topics:

  • Keeping Sabbath: A Revolutionary R & R
  • Soul Care for People Living Alone
  • Finding Sanctuary in Difficult Times
  • Hope and Poetry: How They Sustain Us
  • Crossing Thresholds