Seminars and Retreats

Leading retreats is one of my favorite roles as a spiritual director, minister, chaplain, and educator. Why? Because a retreat can be many different things; an opportunity for reflection and contemplation; the occasion to offer food for thought around the subjects I feel most drawn to; a chance for people to connect with each other, toward a sense of belonging and community with others on the pilgrimage of life. 

Recent retreat topics:

At the Threshold 
Co-led with poet Susan Deborah King. Thresholds are one of the major themes in the world's mythic tales and teaching stories. They have been called "hinge times," when our entire past and the emerging future rise to meet each other, and human culture is profoundly ordered. We are living in just such a time, and it is daunting. In this retreat we listen to the wisdom of poets, teachers, artists, and sages from across the world about how to negotiate thresholds. 

Finding Hope in a Daunting Time
When many things can gnaw away at our hope, how do we sustain a vibrant - and realistic - hope? In this retreat we reflect together on the ways hope is lost and found again, on our particular heritages of hope, on the "wells" we can tap, and the spiritual resources that can aid us when our hope is sorely tested. 

Finding Regular Rhythms of Renewal: A Retreat for Busy People Rethinking Works at Mid-Life
 In our fast paced, 24/7 culture, with its relentless busyness, "the whole experience of being alive" can "melt into one enormous obligation.. . . it's as if our exhaustion were a trophy."  So writes Wayne Muller, in his book Sabbath (Bantam Books).   It is easy to lose regular rhythms of rest and renewal, that are essential to our well being.  While many of us would find it challenging to carve out one whole day each week for Sabbath, it is possible to find pockets of time in which to pause, center ourselves, remember who we are, and tap into wisdom, and "the gifts of Spirit and eternity. "

more retreat topics:

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      * Work-Life Balance 

      * Our Souls Are Required of Us

      * Hope and the Poetic Voice

      * Transitions

      * Soul Care for People Living Alone

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